Monday, March 4, 2013

nuntium decimum sextum (116th post) Twin Cities Tatters

Blow me down!  Cindy and I planned to meet on Saturday for our (usually) monthly Twin Cities Tatters get-together.  I often bring my girls since they learned to tat and occasionally Carla is able to join us.  We get inquiry emails from time to time but it never seems to work.
So, we were just stunned to have 7 tatters on Saturday!!

Marlene, older daughter, Kerry, Carla, Cindy, me and younger daughter
Our plan was to practice split chains but we had so much fun getting to know each other that we didn't get there at all!  We even got the young lady at Caribou to take a group picture.
Because so many of us are from the east side of the metro area, we're going to meet at a different Caribou next time, so if you're planning to join us on April 6th, send me a message or email to TwinCitiesTatters so I can tell you where.
I saw the most adorable shamrock on Julie's blog here so I thought I'd try it, gimpy hand and all.  Some variegated threads are too long for such a pattern.
nice pattern, dumb thread,  motif #2

  Jess! how about a messy-jess!y in soft greens?  Please?


  1. I can tell we were enjoying ourselves - what a good picture of some happy tatters :)

    Nice Shamrock - I know Jess will come through on a good green variegation!

  2. A Tatting group. What fun!
    congrats on all the tatters.
    That is a pretty shamrock, glad you could manage it with your hand.

  3. Okay... maybe three times is the charm (my comments keep disappearing as I'm typing).

    Yeah for tatting get-togethers! I know I won't be able to make it up in April, but I'm hoping to make it up some time this summer. Maybe the timing will be right to join you!

  4. Oh, it must be fun to tat with other tatters! (something I'm hoping to be able to do, one day)You all look as though you're having a fun time. Nice shamrock, too.

  5. It would be such fun to get together with other looks like a marvelous time! Such a fun little shamrock to tat...I rather like the colors. Although, as you say, the length of the colors could be shorter and Jess! would almost certainly come up with something marvelous :-) Hope your hand is healing!

  6. I'm just learning how to tat and it would be great to get together with other tatters and learn from each other. I was thrilled to figure out how to do the split chains last week. Would love to make a tatted shamrock in time for St. Patrick's Day!


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