Wednesday, May 9, 2012

nuntium septuagesimum quartum (74th post) Stunned

It gets crazier.  Last week during our exploratory learning day, I was able to teach 10 kids to tat.  I'm not kidding- I was stunned.  I'm convinced it all has to do with Heather of Tatted Treasures videos.

I told them we could have tatting club on Monday.  Imagine my surprise when they brought four more kids.  They learned too!  14 in a week!!!

I saw one of the kids in the hall on Monday and asked if she'd been tatting and she got a huge grin and said she'd made a bookmark!  She knew rings and chains but not picots or joining so here's what she made.

Can you stand it?  I am over the moon.

I even got to tat this weekend despite grades due on Monday.  It was a request from a certain daughter in her favorite size 80 vintage Aunt Rose-E thread.  It's the slightly modified Mary Konior Convolvulus edging.

And remember the thread from Diane?  I tried the YLI Nordic Fjord.   Look at these purples in it. Same cross- it's easy and I love it!

And just for fun, this is my front yard- in early May - in Minnesota!!!

Latin for today:  attonitissima sum = I'm stunned  (and of course convolvulus means intertwined)


  1. 14!? Wow! That is so wonderful! I don't know how you manage to do it. I'm beat by the end of the school day. However, when I retire in four years, I'm going to worm my way into the schools and offer tatting lessons, too!

    I am so in love with tatting with the finer threads. I'm ashamed to say that I have to force myself to tat with anything thicker than size 80. I will, though... I have to do something with my thread stash!

    The cross is beautiful! The shades in that Nordic Fjord are luscious!

  2. Your tatting and your garden - both so beautiful!

    Imagine - what a bookmark! Those kids must have an excellent teacher. Good work, Michelle. That teaching result is impressive.
    Fox ; )

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  4. Beautiful bookmark and cross, well done on teaching 14 children to tat, I had a session with my grand daughter tonight, and she had a look at my two new books which I will post about over the next couple of weeks while I am away.

    Lovely garden


  5. Love the flower bookmark and the cross!!! :)

  6. I'm so glad the two-color chain is now being accepted as a way to start teaching tatting! I've been advocating this method for 20 years, but before the internet, there was no way to 'discuss' it! I did demo it at our festivals, though, and those who tried it always picked up on it very quickly! I was delighted to see that Janette Baker's DVD and book starts out with it, especially since the DVD/book is available at Jo Ann's and might be bought by those who haven't checked out tatting on the internet. Sharon Briggs demonstrates it on her web page, and Heather did a great job with her video! Just think, those 14 students will pass the method along to others! I do admire your patience to teach 10 kids at one time!

    I love the beautiful bookmark and Mary's cross. I don't know how you are finding time to tat, especially near the end of the school year.

  7. Beautiful tatting, wonderful flowers!
    Comment allez vous Michelle ?

  8. Wow, I'm impressed at her initiative in making that bookmark. She has got the right idea on how tatting works. And a tatting club is a great idea! Keep us posted on how it goes.

  9. Beautiful cross, maybe I try this pattern too

  10. Beautiful flower and cross bookmark , I love it :)
    And you are so great teacher for 14 children !!!


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