Saturday, June 9, 2012

nuntium septuagesimum quintum (75th post) Anniversary

It's not my blogaversary (missed that one) but rather a really important one- my wedding anniversary.  22 years now and he still loves me and I him.  It doesn't get much better than that.
It's a crazy time of year.  School is finally done! (Although I have a huge task still left, sigh.)  Both daughters had birthdays, they grow up so fast....  Today is the annual day-long block party- better go move the car now- and I'm going to Italy on Monday (with students).  It's a lot of fun but don't let anyone ever tell you that it's a free trip, it's a boatload of work to travel with kids, even really wonderful ones like I have.
I've been sneaking in tatting here and there although not as much as I would like.  Here's a Lynn Morton bracelet that I've made again.  I like it better this time because I reduced the ds on the chains and it looks more balanced to me.
Someone else should have taken this picture!

  I put a stupid magnetic clasp on it and it comes open all the time.  I'm sure I'll lose it. As much as I'd like to say new motif for the challenge, it's not.  I've made it before.
Here is an earring, modeled by my lovely daughter.  Not my own idea and I can't even remember where I took it from. (pig!  Maybe Frivole?)  It's not the same but certainly close enough that I wouldn't dare say it's my design.
motif #22

In other news, there really are 14 new tatters in the world.  Oops, scratch that!  My younger daughter has now mastered the flip as well.  She still only does chains but hopefully when I come back, we'll work on a ring.  The fact that I can get her to sit still this long is a miracle!
You should see the chain she's made, I think it's about 7 inches long!

I'll have my tatting in Italy and I've even bought a boring old Aero to take on the plane.   I'll put my favorite La Cossettes in the checked luggage.  I wouldn't risk for a minute losing one of those.  The plain grey will go in my carry-on and keep me going for the plane ride and layovers. 
Ciao for now!

Latin for today = mihi non placet in aeroplano iter facere = I don't like going by airplane!


  1. Happy Anniversary! 22 years is a wonderful accomplishment :)

    Have a great trip - I'm glad to hear those shuttles will be checked. I think you should tat more of those earrings - love them!

  2. I've lost several bracelets due to the magnetic clasps and no longer use them for that reason. Good luck and I hope you don't lose yours as it's so pretty. Having done day trips with 4 - 7 year olds I know how tiring it can be. Have fun on your trip, though.

  3. Wow - a lot going on! Congratulations on your anniversary! And the trip to Italy with your students sounds great, but I CAN imagine the work involved. Glad you can take your tatting with you! And Happy Birthday to your daughters, too!

    The bracelet and earrings are lovely. The gold thread tatted up very beautifully!

    I'm DELIGHTED that your daughter is doing so well with the chain (great photo!) She will easily conquer rings, as your other students have! I would think the Canadian reporter would be interested in your students! They obviously think (thanks to you) that 'tatting is cool'!

  4. Auguri infiniti per i 22 anni di matrimonio!
    Buon viaggio, spero che tu ti possa trovare bene in Italia! Ci sono cose meravigliose da vedere..... e anche da mangiare.
    Auguri ancora.

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  6. Happy Anniversary! Wow 22 years - that is quite an accomplishment!

    Italy - enjoy!

    Fourteen brand new tatting citizens of Tat-land! You rock!
    Fox ; )

    p.s. The earring and the bracelet are lovely. You did some very nice work here!

  7. Happy Anniversary, and Happy Birthdays.
    congrats on the new tatters.
    have fun on your trip even if it is a bit of work.
    very nice bracelet, and pretty earrings.

  8. Congratulations on 22 years! I love the bracelet and earrings. The earrings look like a Marilee Rockley pattern to me, but since I don't wear earrings, I haven't paid much attention to them. Italy! My daughter Carol went there a few years ago and absolutely loved it! I hope the weather cooperates and you have a fabulous time! I hope you don't lose your bracelet or any of your shuttles! Ciao!

  9. Congratulations on your 22nd wedding anniversary. May I welcome you to Europe, I hope you enjoy Italy, you don say where in Italy but I hope the weather behaves itself and you have a wonderful time, I hope you like pasta you will be eating plenty of it. Watch your tatting don't put sissors or a hook in your hand luggage as the airports in Europe won't let it go though in hand luggage.

    I look forward to hearing about your trip


  10. Happy Anniversary to you and yours, Michelle. Enjoy your trip and happy tatting too.

  11. p.s. I had no trouble taking my hook or shuttles to France...

    Did Julius C invent that Latin word - aeroplano - No, my mistake, it must have been Cicero.

    1. I expect Fox went direct from Canada , when we fly in the uk, we have restrictions and there are a list of what you cannot take on the plane, these include metal, sharp items which include sissors, all luggage is x rayed, Hand luggage goes though an x ray including ourselves, and if there is anything that shows up , they do a hand search, that includes people, it's quite a long security list, no liquids, only small items of cosmetics can be put in hand luggage, I am a debetic and once I only took a small lot of test strips because the bottle was only half full they searched my bag as they thought it was a liquid inside. I don't take my tatting in my hand luggage any more it's packed in my case. Also when you return to the uk the cases are again x rayed, they will have already been xrayed from the country you come from but that's not enough they are xrayed again before they go on to the carosol for you to collect. Security in and out of the uk is tight.

  12. Happy wedding anniversary to you.
    you're still a young couple! (38 years for us now)
    I wish you an exciting trip to Italie, you can also go to France, it's next door ;-)

  13. Happy Anniversary! 22 years! Way to go!
    Happy Birthday to your daughters.
    I love the bracelet and earrings--fabulous!
    Have a wonderful time in Italy! Would you throw a penny in the Trevi Fountain for me, please? Here's all I remember from my trip so many years ago:- Scuzi? and most importantly- quanta costa? (I think I remember it correctly, though my spelling is probably atrocious-- it was 42 years ago!)
    Ciao, Bella!


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