Sunday, March 26, 2017

Spring break over - nuntium duocentesimum undequinquagesimum

Well, Spring Break is over and I find myself chained to the dining room table working, working, working.  I've been doing school stuff for the last three days straight only taking a break to clean the oven and the bathrooms (how pathetic does that sound?).  It was a nice spring break though and I got to spend a little more time than usual with both daughters- a real treat!

Younger daughter and I went to Peoria, IL one day and came back the next.  We were doing a college visit, her first.  It was a good experience and while we're not sure it's the college for her, they were great!  900+ miles in two days was a lot though.  We managed to squeeze in some shopping which was her favorite.

Elder daughter and I went to our wonderful Institute of Arts which is a beautiful treasure in the area and free unless you want to go to the special exhibits.  We also went to a new-to-us restaurant in that neighborhood- the Copper Hen, very yummy and fun.  We also spent an afternoon in a different neighborhood poking around some local shops for repurposed things, also fun.  She has finally been able to set up her Etsy shop which if you have a moment, I encourage you to look at (or Pin her stuff if you like it).  It's called BigSisterSteampunk and features her wearable art.  I love it and people always comment on the pieces when I wear them.

Lest you think I haven't been tatting, I have!  (Just not blogging- have I said how crazy this school year has been?).  Here's something I made while younger daughter was driving.  (Now that's also a treat- I have my own chauffeur!)

I'm going to put a pin back on it and wear it when I don't wear Steampunk.  : )  Victorian Red, size 20

Speaking of the Steampunk, here's a pair of elder daughter's earrings- check them out!

Ta for now!


  1. Did you thread the beads before you set off on the journey?? Love the result.

    1. Oh yes! I don't really like working with beads much so I do whatever I can to make it "smoother". Beads and cars don't match up in my mind.

  2. Love your tatted piece!!!! :)
    Glad you got time with your daughters! It's precious!!! :)
    Your daughter's Etsy shop looks great!! :)

  3. Love your tatted piece beautiful colour
    Glad you had time with your daughters, hope she finds a place at a nice college

  4. Spring break is this week around here. I just spent the day shopping with daughter #3. I love spending time with my daughters, but three of them live too far away, and the other is always busy with school!

  5. Uff Da - 900 miles! What a great experience though to visit colleges, and a chance to chat and practice driving 😳 Love that steampunk jewelry! Glad you got to spend time with your girls - I love doing that any chance I get.

  6. Oh yeah - and I love how the tatting turned out!


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