Saturday, January 7, 2017

dragonfly continuation - nuntium duocentesimum quadrigesimum quintum

I've made two more sets of dragonflies.

Now there a 7 pairs of butterfly earrings.  Several of the threads she chose are variegated so I'm trying to find a pattern that's "long" enough without being too big (even in size 80).  Suggestions?

In October, my darling husband took me to a bed and breakfast in a lovely little town called New Ulm.  We've been there before but the proprietors are great, the rooms nice and the town just charming.  Mostly, we are too far away to do things around the house so it's a vacation.  Very nice and relaxing.  While there, we poked around a bit in the downtown and found a little shop called Nadelknunst.  It looked like a yarn store so we went in (my DH is very patient with this stuff).  The owner asked what I was interested in and I said tatting.  She lit up, told me that they have a lot of tatter in New Ulm, that they offer classes (sure enough, there it was even on the sign) and that the tatting supplies were around the corner.  When I showed interest, she told me anything I wanted would be 50% off!
Here's what I got:
I'm not sure what I'm going to do with all that ecru but it was dusty and I couldn't just bear to leave it there.  My husband never lets me near pet stores, animal shelters or anywhere else with animals with big eyes, guess why!  I felt sorry for thread...

I feel a Fox-colored doily coming on.

Store in New Ulm
212 Minnesota St
New Ulm, MN 56073


  1. So much fun to find a great deal and with your husband, that is great I have a dragonfly pattern, but it has clunies in it you may not want to try that. these you have are absolutely beautiful!

    1. I've done some clunies but always with size 20. I think I'm not quite ready for size 80 clunies. I could barely get these rings closed- (vintage thread.)

  2. Oh yea I feel that way about the stacked block tatting I struggle with it for some reason😄

  3. Isn't it wonderful to have a husband who understands? It seems that many tatters are bless with such a man. Enjoy your goodies! A Fox inspired doily sounds good to me!

  4. My husband us learning slowly, Crafting is a skill and tatting is an art, while away with family his niece has a new boyfriend he had never heard of tatting, I started telling him about tatting only to be interupted by husband who carried on explaining, so he does listen occasionally.
    I can see the Fox doily coming along sometime this year.
    With so much off I think I would have done the same as you, I did the same in Rhodes, and I still have plenty left to use, enjoy your stash,
    Beautiful earrings

  5. Ooh, that was a good shop to find! And a tatting enthusiast there to boot. How could your husband be anything but patient? Variegated thread can be tricky for earrings, if you want them to match exactly.

  6. Ohhh.... nice find! I must say I am very curious about which pattern you will choose to begin your next months-long endeavour! : ))

  7. Preciosa libélulas y buena compra. Besos

  8. Oooh! One of my favorite towns is New Ulm! Our camping group stays at the state park a couple times a year. Touring Schell's Brewery is always fun but now that I know there's a store with tatting supplies and tatters, well, we know where I'll be ... and it's not looking up Herman the German's (the town's well-known statue) skirt!

  9. I love the dragonflies, great job!. What a great find, a shop with tatting stuff and tatters, too!


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