Thursday, December 29, 2016

Ice Drop - nuntium duocentesimum quadrigesimum primum

Well, Diane the Lace Lovin' Librarian has caught me in her web!  Here's my first Ice Drop.  She has a wonderful tutorial on her blog.
I think it's pretty cute but I have some ideas for improvement.  The encapsulating rings are a bit too stretched so I'll need to fix that but still it's nice.  My younger daughter said it looked like something to eat!  Ouch.

I really have been tatting and doing craft shows.
This was the first one of the year and it was crazy successful.  : )
Here you can see the preparations for the second show.
Those are the MN snowflakes.  Not big sellers after the first show, strangely.

Here's a hanky I made for a bride/colleague for her December wedding.  The edging is Joëlle's gorgeous Iris edging.  And here's me and my handsome husband ready to go to the wedding, isn't he still a great-looking guy?

Here's what I got from Ingebretsen's (local craft and meat market) who awarded me a gift certificate for my State Fair doily.
I'm so excited to have these!  I've wanted them for a long time.  If you own the cross one, I'd love to hear what your favorites are.


  1. I've started on those ice drops too - another addiction! Thanks, Diane :)

    Your wedding doily is beautiful! And you and hubby make a beautiful couple.

    I enjoy exploring Ingebretsen's Scandinavian decor - those books are perfect keepsakes from your big state fair win :)

  2. I have that cross book, and I love all of them! I'll have to pull out my copy to tell you the names of my favorites... not tonight, but soon!

    Have fun with the Ice Drops. I love seeing how tatters are personalizing them. Have seen the ones with sequins? They're gorgeous!

  3. What a super post! Just look at YOU at your craft table! Love the hankie and the Ice Drop. And yes you two are the cutest couple! :)

  4. I've thought some of Diane's ice drops look good enough to eat too. Good you caught her bug. Well done on the successful sales - funny how different fairs can be, there's never a sure thing! Wonderful wedding hanky. Nice to see you and your husband, handsome couple!

  5. Nice to see you and wow yes your husband does look good, well you both do.
    Lovely wedding hanky and a great display on your stall I hope you did well.
    I know I got caught in the ice drop web too only my glass nuggets were too big for the tatting so now I have to find some smaller ones.
    Happy new year to you both

  6. Your Ice Drop looks wonderful!!! :)
    Wow!!! Your tatting display is awesome and such fabulous items!!! :)
    Great snowflakes, and very elegant bridal gift!!!! :)
    You two look wonderful!! :)
    I believe I have both of those books, and as for favorites in the cross book......I couldn't tell you. I have tatted many of them since I tat a cross for each of our Sunday night seniors and I can't remember which I like best, they are all wonderful!! :) I can't wait to see yours!!! :)

  7. Wow! Great display! I am astounded seeing your tree! That's a lot of work there! I don't think I could part with any of those beautiful snowflakes!

    What amazes me is that you are working full time and not just quietly sitting at an office (as I did). I always think of teachers as being in 'show biz', having to 'perform' for a very tough audience! I would be exhausted and wouldn't last even one day!

    And Latin, yet! I have been and still am unhappy that the Church eliminated the Latin Mass 50 years ago! I had Latin for 2 years in HS and it came in handy during my legal secretarial career!

    How well did the tea lights do? I had my 'only' tea light sitting out as part of my display (not for sale!) and one visitor was really admiring it, so I thought you'd like to know!

    1. Haha- your description of teaching as "show biz" is closer to the mark than I'd like to admit! Makes for interesting days for sure.
      I did finally sell two tea lights but had dropped the price. There was a LOT of admiring but very little sales with them. The snowflakes on the other hand went like hotcakes!

  8. Such beauty in each pic !!! You've been tatfully busy !
    Adorable goodies on your table and a delectable couple ;-)

  9. I am delighted you did so well at the craft show, such a lot of work goes into prepare for them and if there is little interest and no customers it can be very disheartening. However, I think a lot depends on where the shows are and of course more importantly how the work is displayed and I can see yours was great.

  10. Sorry I had lost this post, nice to see you! pretty hanky - I love hankies!


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