Friday, December 30, 2016

2nd Ice Drop and TCT retreat possibility - nuntium duocentesimum quadrigesimum secundum

Here's the Ice Drop with another round and my second attempt below.

I'm not sure the second one is better.  :)

And in other news....
Cindy (A Happy Bluebird) and I thought is was time for the Twin Cities Tatters to have a little summer retreat in July, so we are interested in finding out if anyone else might want to join us!  This would be a 2-night stay at a retreat center somewhere near the Twin Cities, Minnesota area, and just time set aside to tat and enjoy the company of other tatters.  No classes would be offered for this first retreat, but who knows what fun could evolve?!

If you are seriously interested, we would love to hear from you ASAP.  The link below will take you to a simple form to help us determine interest and decide what might work the best.  Space will be limited, and a deposit will be required - so the sooner we get planning, the better!

Click here to submit interest (no obligation at this time).

Once the dates are set, the Retreat will be open for registration on a first-come / first-served basis, so watch for that information!


  1. Ooh! A tatting retreat sounds like so much fun! Love your Ice Drops!

  2. Lovely ice drops,
    A tatting retreat sounds wonderful, unfortunately there's a big pond in the way, I would have loved to come, will be thinking of you at your retreat.
    Happy new year

  3. I like both ice drops! A tatting retreat sounds a great idea - pity I'm so far away.

  4. Oh they are lovely, I do so admire those of you who are making these ice drops. I hope you find some more people to join you on your 'tatting retreat' as others have already said distance is a problem although saying that I am going to Singapore in June.

  5. Great job on the Ice Drops. I love the blue jewels in the center. I would love to come to your retreat but I've already got most of July taken. I think my boss would not be happy if I took every weekend in July off. I look forward to the next time you have one, maybe it will work out better.


gratias maximas- it's wonderful to hear what you have to say!