Friday, April 1, 2016

Starlight and integrity-nuntium duocentesimum nonum

I got another round done and as I finished it up, my younger daughter looks over and says, "I don't really like those colors together".  Well, she said it more nicely than that but that's the gist.


The integrity talk went pretty well, I said it was my friend's story but was going to tell it from my point of view.  They clapped when I got done.  Haha.

Today after school, the tatters got together for ITD.  We had Thin Mints and tatted up a storm.  It was so exciting to have this kids joining in on their first ITD.


  1. Oh good, I'm glad your talk went well! I think those colours go fine together. I saw the picture and thought, 'That looks good'.

  2. I disagree with your daughter. I love those colors together! They're very soothing. I'm glad your integrity talk went well. Now you have time to prepare for the next one, if needed. ;-)

  3. I'm glad your talk went well. I also feel a little of your excitement at sharing ITD with your new tatters even though I haven't met them. As to the doily, it looks great in the picture. I really struggle with color and color combinations. I'm not very adventurous. When I do stretch myself a bit, I often feel some uncertainty until the final round is done.

  4. wonderful doily, I would love to try this pattern, I haven't been blogging in a while so I will try to see if you mention where it came from :)

  5. Thanks for the information I will go there next!


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