Sunday, April 3, 2016

Done with Starlight! nuntium duocentesimum decimum

Well, that's done, with a mistake of course.  I guess that's the difference between machine-made and hand-made?

Lizbeth Wildflower Garden, Leaf Green Medium, size 20

It was a nice change but I think next time I'll have to get different consultants for colors.  Now it's time to make some retirement mementoes and crosses for graduation.  


  1. Beautiful doily (great design), very nicely tatted; and I think the colors are wonderful! I can't even imagine where the mistake is - it's certainly not obvious.

    Difficult to believe graduation time is 'around the corner'. Good thing you're getting a head start!

  2. The mistake isn't obvious, so it doesn't count! I think it looks lovely.

    1. You are definitely "my kind of people"! Thank you!

  3. Beautiful! That colours combo is one of my favourites!

  4. It's so beautiful!! :) I love your colors!!! :)

  5. That's really pretty! I like the colours.

  6. What mistake?! The doily looks fab. I love the colours, not tatted with wild flower garden for a long time and it has made me quite 'thread sick'!!!!!

  7. Thank you all! Those two (husband and daughter) really did me in and convinced me that the doily wasn't very nice. I shall now display proudly- with something cleverly over the mistake!

  8. My daughter said to me she likes little mistakes, like you said that is hand made and so I look at them differently now, and keeps me happy too :)

  9. My Mom used to say the same thing ! What is the use of handmade if it looks exactly like a store-bought or machine-made one ?!
    Your doily is gorgeous & the cheerful colourway is highlighted by the subtle solid colour.

  10. Handmade is made with love, and the difference between handmade and machine is handmade is made with hands and not made by machine in China
    If there's a mistake well who cares it's unique to you, no one else would have made the same mistake,
    Looks lovely and very pretty


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