Monday, December 21, 2015

Bentley - nuntium centesimum nonagesimum et sextum

I made (and sold) four Bentleys before I got a picture of one!  They are beautiful and a pattern from Frivole.

I also made this little love from Jon Yusoff's book Snowflakes.  I did an SCMR for the center which I think still looks good and in fact maybe even better than the ring with split ring with somehow always looks a little wonky when I do it.

And this one which I didn't enjoy much at all.  No good reason, just not the same appeal as a tatter.  Lovely flake though.

And now, I'm working with COLOR!!!!!  Stay tuned, it's up next!


  1. Pretty snowflakes! No wonder they're selling before you take a pic.

  2. I love the Bentley! I need to get that pattern. Good job on all of them.

  3. You've tatted some very pretty snowflakes! I have yet to get started with snowflakes this year. I'm still plugging along with the doily. However, in the new year...

  4. All three snowflakes look good! I haven't made any except for the color sample that turned into a 'flake. I've made lots of button ornaments though!

  5. Wonderful job!! Happy New Year


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