Monday, November 16, 2015

Crazy successful - nuntium centesimum nonagesimum et quintum

The MN snowflakes were a huge hit!  I did the best I've ever done at a craft fair.  I sold them all so I've been tatting between everything I can and even in the car on the way to church (husband driving not me!)  But the tealights?  No go.

Below is a wedding present for a dear friend and his new wife.  They have been married before and really don't need anything so I went with unique instead of practical or expensive.

It's a Robin Perfetti design done in Lizbeth 20, Herbal Garden and Brown

And I loathe sewing edgings on but I figured out the way to do it.  Invisible thread and a sewing machine!  But I had to do it on a sunny day and seriously felt like the tailors in the Emperor's New Clothes waving around with empty needles.  But I was done in about 20 minutes (most of that time spent pinning) and those edgings will NOT fall off even when washed.

How's that!


  1. Fabulous gift! So pretty, all of them. : )

  2. Hooray, I"m glad your fair went well, even if the tea lights weren't a hit. Love the wedding present. Hmm, invisible thread and a sewing machine. That sounds very brave!

  3. Beautiful work and because of you have now a ball of Herbal Garden winging its way to me from the USA - wonderful colourway.
    Also so pleased you did well at the Christmas Fair, often no telling what will sell from one year to the next.

  4. I'm glad the snowflakes were a hit! I don't understand why the tea lights didn't sell. I think they're wonderful. The towels are a great idea for a unique gift, and the colors you chose are perfect!

  5. Yay - snowflake success! I do love the towels - a wonderful gift indeed. Stitching with a machine is perfect to guarantee that edge is not coming off after a washing ;)

  6. Well done on your snowflakes, gorgeous edging on the towels, very hard to give presents to people who get married and have everything, I know we were one of those couples,

  7. How wonderful that you did well at the craft fair. Those tea lights are so cute, it really is too bad that they didn't strike the right note with the customers. At least the snowflakes sold well! Wonderful idea on putting the edgings on - they look great by the way. I need to stop at the store and get me a spool of invisible thread and give it a try. I still have four runners - eight ends - that still need to be done. Here's to "empty" needles!!

  8. Love the tatted edgings ! Great idea sewing with invisible thread . I once machine stitched, but with normal threads.
    Buyers can be fickle ;-P Sometimes an idea is ahead of its time. I noticed your tea light entry in the Tatting Corner contest !
    So glad the snowflakes sold out :-)


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