Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Pot o' flowers - - nuntium centesimum octogesimum quintum

Today is the first day to go back to school.  Students are next week but we start now.  People always ask, "Are you excited to go back to school?".  It makes me chuckle.  I am but I'm not.  I love getting up when I want to, being able to schedule dentist appointments whenever I want, having time to exercise (I ride my bike around the nearby lake for about an hour and half each day), cooking real meals and being able to sit at table.  And of course the time to tat is wonderful!  These things are hard to give up.
But do I love seeing the kids when they walk in the room and watch them grow and learn? Guiding them along their path during these often awkward and hard years? Enjoying their goofy and developing senses of humor? Of course!  So let's say, I love to be where I am.

I found these pictures of a Christmas gift I made for a teaching friend/colleague last winter.  She loves to garden and in December in MN, there's not much chance of that!  So I made her a rose garden and even had a little watering can with it (why isn't that in the picture, I wonder?)

Off to school!


  1. Love your attitude to your profession. Your comments brightened my day! : )

  2. Splendid flowers to brighten Winter! I hope your school year gets off to a good start.

  3. As I've mentioned to Diane, I think the school year should start after Labor Day and end the first week of June. We had a full three months of vacation and I can't imagine it any other way! I don't have children so I've never 'known' any other way, and my alma mater kept to that schedule until recently. My hat is off to those of you who teach! I know I could never do what you do!

  4. I feel exactly the way you do about school! We've now had two days of meetings, and the kiddos come tomorrow. I am very excited about seeing them!

    Yes, time for tatting will take a back seat, but it really can't compare to spending time with the kids!

  5. Such lovely flowers! Flowers for your friend to enjoy all year long for years. (How large of a pot is that?) Enjoy your return to school.

  6. Lovely pot of flowers to brighten up a long winters day
    Our kids in the UK don't go back to school until the beginning of September so they still have a few more weeks.
    Hope the start of the new school year beginnings well


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