Saturday, June 6, 2015

graduations - nuntium centesimum septuagesimum primum

Still tatting but nothing new, just crosses for graduation.  So fun and exciting to see these kids and how they grow up even in the four years from Middle school.  I am so proud of them.

Here are some crosses I made for some boys.

Lizbeth Autumn Spice, size 20
And last time we met as Twin Cities Tatters, Cindy aka Happy Bluebird had some thread from her mom.  It's Sulky and in a variety of colors.  She shared with us and I made... well yes... more crosses.  Something new must be soon.

Pretty but little.

Coming soon- the final saga of the coasters!


  1. Lucky graduates to get your crosses!

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    1. I liked it and I liked the color changes. I'm not sure it's the right size for bookmarks though, they feel little and insubstantial.

  3. You must whip out crosses like nobody's business! I'm sure it's great as an educator to see your kids succeed to the next phase of life, and send them off with wishes for continued learning and success. The Sulky thread is beautiful, but yes, too small for some patterns. Seems like some of the patterns I have are made especially for size 20 thread!

  4. I love the color for the boys and your delicate work and so much of it. You are really making this time special for them!


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