Monday, June 29, 2015

Conference tatting- nuntium centesimum septuagesimum septimum

I've been a Historical Novel Society conference in Denver for the past few days.  Since I'm not an author and was accompanying two friends, it seemed like a great opportunity for tatting.  So I did, and I did!  What fun to have so much time to tat!  And I wasn't at home to have the usual stuff to get in the way - no meals to prepare, no dishes to wash, no cleaning to do and almost no emails to answer even.
I tatted in private and in public.  In fact at one of the sessions, before things got started, I was measuring out my thread (arms straight out- from one hand to the other, five of those will fill a shuttle so I can do CTM and have both shuttles full) when one of the panelists actually cried out, "Oh my, what are you doing?"  I was mortified!  I dropped the thread and bobbins in my lap and said, "Nothing!".  I'm not embarrassed about quietly tatting, ever.  But "measuring" in my goofy way- yikes!  Luckily it was before the actual session started or I might have had to crawl under my chair and out of the room.  And my pal, the extrovert, just piped right up and said, "Oh she's tatting" and proceeded to explain to one and all.  (She doesn't tat but we've been pals a long time- she is the one of "coaster fame".)  My other friend, the novelist, who we were accompanying, chalked all of this up to weird American behavior (she's British) and did her best to ignore us both!

So now, here's all the tatting:
The ones on the left are going to be bracelets - I saw this on Margaret's blog, I didn't think to bring beads/pearls so I'll have to sew them in (ugh!).  This is a modified version of Mary Konior's Convoluvulus (great Latin name).  I changed the beginning so that there would be a complete flower.  If anyone is interested, I could write up the stitch counts.

There's a Vicki Clarke simple heart- I actually made two more but gave them to tatting admirers.  Including the panelist who "outed" me.

Then there are more roses for another bracelet/necklace and a zillion of my much more modified leaves.  I would also be happy to share this very modified leaf but the original is from Frivole's leaf here.  It's near the bottom of the page.

Gosh, this was a LOT of fun!


  1. What a great tatting opportunity!

  2. Love the story... AND the tatfing, both! : ))

  3. Lots of beautiful tatting!! Love the colorful bracelets!!! :)

  4. Goes to show how much tatting can be accomplished when not interrupted!
    A great display!

  5. Laughed out loud, reading your story & mortification ;-P
    Lovely tatting !
    Last year, I , too, made a complete flower at the end (still haven't posted on my blog ! Loads of stuff in backlog ) but I had used Kersti’s bookmark pattern at her site.
    They will look great as bracelets :-)

  6. I am so glad I gave you the inspiration for the bracelets, they will look lovely, a great deal of tatting well done. I had to laugh at the story I thought you were American not English.

  7. Thanks for sharing... now I know that when I take tatting to a conference I should have multiple loaded shuttles ready for projects. I don't want to be caught measuring thread and being outed! ;-)

  8. I am interested in the leaf mod and the bracelet sometime when you get time I like to have the mod versions they are beautiful always love your ideas and work!
    from Carollyn email is tennbrown then the at sign gamil and ,com

  9. How wonderful to have all that time to tat! And you accomplished so much! I think those will make great bracelets. Loved your story of measuring :-)

  10. Oh, What Fun! both the Tatting and the Novel conference. I too have tatted during conferences and seminars. Once I was way up in the 2nd level and someone down below saw the lights reflecting on my shuttle as I tatted and sent someone up to check. I was at a Marian Eucharistic Conference and luckily I was tatting Rosaries.

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