Sunday, April 8, 2012

nuntium septuagesimum (70th post) Celtic bunny

Ha-ha!  Just teasing.  They're not celtic at all but aren't they adorable?  They were waiting for two young ladies this morning.  The motif is from Tattrldy (Wanda) and you can find the pattern here.

And I wanted to put up another picture of the Oliver Twists thread crosses.  Here is some natural daylight pictures and you can really see the colors.  It's tiny thread but smmmmoooooooth!  Thank you again Diane- it really was a treat!

And lastly here is a modified version of the Green Knots pattern available at inTatters.  The variation isn't my idea but someone from inTatters.  I ordered the most wonderful celtic shuttles from Patty D here and gave this pattern a second try.  I did make it last year in a beautiful deep purple and my daughter promptly snapped it up and then lost it!  So no proof that I made it.  : )  Last time, I got the lacing correct but since I'm a shuttle tatter, I had to unwind the works, pass the thread through and then rewind for each of the celtic rings.  This time was much easier. But I was over-confident and didn't do as good a job.  I think the celtic part on the left is correct but don't even look at the one on the right! I'll probably give it another try but ...

the Quatrain is calling my name these days!

Blessings to all and Happy Easter!


  1. Happy Easter! I love the thread crosses - beautiful colors :)

    Your celtic bookmark looks great - you get an "A" just for attempting the pattern!

    1. I'll take that "A" and run with it!

  2. Wow! The colors of those thread crosses really pop in daylight! Glad you like the thread samples.

    Those bunnies are so cute, Celtic or knot! ; )

    I remember when you were working with the Green Knots pattern last year. I haven't attempted Celtic tatting yet, but it does intrigue me! Yours looks great!

  3. pretty tatting, your celtic looks more difficult that I want to tackle. very nice.
    Hoppy Easter to the 2 young ladies. bet they liked their bunnies.
    Happy Easter to you as well.
    those crosses are very pretty. that thread works up very pretty. if I was into very small threads, I would have to give them a go.
    thanks for the monday eye candy.

  4. The bunnies look pretty cute :-) I hope the young ladies liked them.
    Those crosses do look lovely in those threads. Thanks for letting us see their true colors.
    I commend you on making the Celtic pattern. I think it came out pretty well, and if it's not quite right I'm sure it will be better the next time. I've not tried anything like this yet as it looks complicated.

  5. All of these are so very very pretty...I'll have to look up all 3 patterns I think :-). I love those tricky Celtic things...can't seem to leave well enough alone, even when they are complicated. Very prettily done!

  6. Wow, Michelle, that is lovely!

    I will probably be attempting the green knots again soon (what with celtic being a theme of my current giveaway...) I had a blast working through it last year! I think it was the single most challenging tatting I ever did. I see what you mean about the left knot but my, it looks great anyway! What size and colourway thread are you using...?

    Monica (soyloquesoy at intatters, - I am having trouble commenting, trying Anonymous to see if it works...)

    1. Thanks! I'm sorry the commenting isn't working for you.

      It's Lizbeth 20 Turquoise twist. Good luck!!!

    2. Thanks Michelle! Do check my blog, I know you already saw my version of the "Green knots shuttle shape", but I also answered your comments...

  7. Great bunnies!! :)
    Fabulous crosses!! :)
    And beautiful bookmark!! :)

  8. I love your bunnies, beautiful crosses, and your Celtic bookmark is lovely.


  9. Your crosses look great! And in such fine thread too. And I greatly admire your celtic bookmark, beautiful. Now I'm ashamed to admit, this is something that still defeats me... do you think it would help if I tried again with Patty D.'s shuttles?

  10. I'm sure you'd be able to do it in a heartbeat! Just don't wind too much thread on the shuttle or it defeats the purpose (says the voice of experience) of the skinny shuttle. I had a much easier time with bigger thread. I tried with size 40 but it kept breaking the core thread in the ring when I went through.

  11. The bunnies are so cute, and the crosses are very pretty.

    But I REALLY like that Celtic bookmark! It looks perfect to me! I haven't had great success (as a shuttle tatter) dealing with the long chains and 'weaving' them later. I had great difficulty with the pumpkin pattern and never did get it right.

    However, I recently found Karen Cabrera's excellent 'Celtic tatting' video, which finally unlocked for me the mystery of Celtic weaving by simply using a 'skinny' shuttle or netting needle! (Light-bulb moment!) As clearly demonstrated on the video, the netting needle especially allows you to weave the chains as you tat. It still looks a little 'fiddly, and apparently one has to use the 'reverse Riego' method of tatting, but I'm sure I could do that. Did you use the reverse Riego method with your new implement from Patti D?

    Thanks so much for the link. We need to be aware of the talented folks who make all the different types of shuttles we use!

    1. Hi Kathy... I am sure Michelle won't mind my popping in to give you my opinion on your question ;-)

      I have very recently done this same pattern with a thin shuttle (not PattyD's, but my brother's, but the same principle), and by sliding the interlocked ring to the back, I could totally use my /close to/ slide and slip method for tatting. I think Karen has said often she uses that method just because it was what she was taught... I posted a few photos to explain this little "trick" in my blog just yesterday: (And my, what a long addy it has!)

      I have also done my share of long chain weaving for celtic effect, and my main issue is with how to finish the chains and attach the ends together after weaving. I am still not happy with how I do it...

  12. Hi Michelle
    i tuoi lavori sono sempre bellissimi, i colori che usi sono stupendi e danno risalto al lavoro.


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