Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Just follow the directions! - nuntium duocentesimum tricesimum septimum

While I've been waiting for the final round of Renulek's WIOSNA 2016, I've been tatting snowflakes.  In fact this is one of the more boring blogs, I'm sure because that's really all I've been doing this year. Snowflakes, snowflakes, snowflakes.  I'll be happy in November and December when it comes time to sell but...
Anyway, I've been tatting Bentleys because I love them, they're popular and they have beads.  I can tat during meetings but not really with beads, too much concentration so I've been working on them now.

 And then there's this disaster.  It's not awful but it doesn't do Joelle's gorgeous pattern justice.  Why, why, why?  Because some numbskull thought she knew the pattern so well she didn't need to look.  And making chains instead of lockchains to the "arms" is too short!  Lesson learned.

We recently went to our lovely Institute of Arts which has a marvelous collection including the only Doryphoros outside of Italy.  We went because elder daughter requested but when we pulled up, both younger daughter and I burst out laughing!  Why? Because of the head below.  When we were in Pompeii this June, many students were irritated by the modern sculptures placed throughout the site.  These massive bronzes by Igor Mitoraj were incongruous in their eyes (mine too but I tried valiantly not to color their opinions with mine.)  One of the biggest grumps about it was my younger daughter so to be confronted with another Mitoraj here in our backyard was just too much!

Now on to row 17.  I plan to follow the directions!


  1. Lovely snowflackes, my favourite from Frivole is the Ice Queen. I've seen those modern sculpture, they call them temporary installation, it's a way to let modern artists be known, questionable but they have a great effect!

  2. Ah, so true... following the directions does make a difference, as I have found many, many times! Your snowflakes are beautiful!

    I think I need to expose myself to more culture. I was unaware of this art phenomenon. I guess it's easy to distance yourself from such things when living in a small farming community!

  3. Gorgeous snowflakes, your ice queens are lovely, don't worry about too many snowflakes, my blog is having its fair share of them during the year.
    I am laughing, this modern art is a bit much of me too, sometimes I look at and have no idea what it is trying to say. We seem to have our fair share of modern art over here, but he's not one I have heard about.

  4. I like these flakes and some tatting projects seem funner than others to tat and looks like you have been having fun :) Sculpture looks like it is from another world :)

  5. I often find with repeating patterns that a point comes where I THINK I know the pattern and that's when I make mistakes. It is a pretty snowflake. Interesting about the modern sculptures annoying the traditionalists.

  6. Replies
    1. Sì in giugno, sempre le due anni con i miei studenti.

  7. Hi Michelle, so nice to see lots of Bentleys like that! They look beautiful. And even your "disaster" one is not that bad at all.

  8. I like All the snowflakes :-)
    Not the installation, though ;-P I'm still old-world when it comes to art & sculpture & don't enjoy modern installations that go by the name of art.


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