Sunday, May 8, 2016

Round 6 - nuntium duocentesimum duodevicesimum

Interesting, I forgot to post about Round 5.  I have an excuse. We picked up our daughter from college last weekend and it was a bit busy around here.  I was able to tat the round during the drive-(hubby drove, thank goodness.)
And I've been able to finish round 6, thanks to a gathering of TwinCities Tatters yesterday.
It lays flat but I'm not sure it's quite right as some of the rings seem slanted.    I tried whipstitching in ends and succeeded in breaking a knot.  I think I might glue it but there will be no other repair.  It's a doily, not something that will have great strains on it.
College daughter and I went to an event called "Craftstravaganza" which was conveniently located near our home and free.  It was fun and interesting although I can't imagine why I would want a lovely, framed, crossstitch of the "f" word.  I get the humor, I do, really.  But I wouldn't want it in the house or on the piano.
But we did find the cutest little pouches with fun fabrics so older daughter bought me an early Mother's day present.

My usual pouch had really seen better days and I am able to get everything in this one, it's lined with a thicker fabric so the crochet hook shouldn't poke through.  I don't know why the fox in a sailor hat appealed to me but it's just cute.

At Twin Cities Tatters yesterday we were talking a bit about organizing a tatting day or overnight.  Nothing quite as organized as some of the other events but just a chance to hang out and tat, maybe at a b and b or resort (if cheap!) with a room with comfy furniture where we can just tat and share if we want.  It would be great to find out if others would come even from further afield and what would draw you here?  When is the best time of year?

Love to hear your thoughts!


  1. Is the behatted fox carrying a laundry-bag by any chance? Just wondering...

  2. I am sorry the ends broke after whip stitching should I try to make a repair video? :( love the bag you bought

    1. It's not your fault!! I'm sure it's because the thread is VERY old- maybe 60 years.

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  4. I'm glad you weren't driving at the same time as tatting! I've had some slanting in previous Spring doilies. Blocking will help. Cute bag. Much more fun than a cross stitch of the f word!

  5. Your tatting is fabulous as always! I love little pouches... so much that I gave them to my grandchildren for Christmas with a little spending money tucked inside. Can you tell I'm running out of gift ideas for kids?

    I would love to get together for a tatting overnight! I'm planning on attending Palmetto Tat Days in September, and I know daughter Joanne is coming to visit for a couple of weeks sometime this summer, but I'm not sure when yet. Let me know a date, and I will do my best to join you!

  6. Your doily is so beautiful!!! :) Love the colors!!! :)
    Neat little pouch!! :)

  7. Michelle,

    I love the idea of an overnight/long time get-together. Sorry I couldn't make it last week but camping was fabulous! Something tells me I can't ditch 2 of my 3 spring work events so the next date likely won't work either BUT ... something in the future will!



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