Wednesday, November 20, 2013

nuntium centesimum quadrigesimum secundum (142nd post) snow in Minnesota

Well, hello there.

There's currently no snow in this part of Minnesota but the newspeople are giddy with the prospect of snow on Thursday- as if this doesn't happen every year, tee hee.  I like looking at snow.
It's so fun to read tatting blogs and see what everyone is doing, so many beautiful things, especially doilies, wow!  Someday when I retire, I'll be like the Queen of Romania and sit with so much tatting that it spills off of my lap!

Kristen has been given a challenge by her brother to tat 25 motifs by December 25.  She's invited people to join her so here I am, on the other side of the world, trying to do the same.  Won't you join us too?

Unfortunately tatting these days is squeezed in here and there so I can't remember where some of these snowflakes are from- please know that NONE of them are my own pattern and I have either found them in my books or on the internet.

Here's # 1:
It's Lizbeth white, size 20.  I think the pattern is from Festive Tatting.
#21 in the official 25 challenge

Anyone else want to join in?

Latin for today: squama = snowflake


  1. looks wonderful great job, I am doing the snowflake thing too, Margret of designing cards is also asking others to do this too :) Looks like the internet will be filled with a snowstorm for the month of December, what fun!

  2. I am giggling with visions of you as the Queen of Romania, all that tatting tumbling about... : ))

    Pretty motif.
    Fox : )

  3. I can't join the challenge as I'm getting ready for our Christmas events, but indeed the snowflake is from Festive Tatting by Marion Leyds, about whom we seem to know very little, even though she designed so many wonderful patterns! The was my first snowflake, going back to 1990, but I didn't do the center because I didn't know how to use two shuttles! I simply covered the 'hole' with two big rhinstone gems, glued back to back! Now I would put a doodad in there, although the original pattern is just fine! I sold many of these and I hope they're still adorning their owners' trees or windows!

    1. I just tried it this morning (in a meeting) with a doodad- I like it!! I wonder about these women who wrote tatting books- wouldn't it be fun to know more!

  4. Pretty. I like the hook it's hanging from too.

  5. Welcome back to blogging, I know that you have been busy, but I missed you.
    That is a pretty snowflake. Good for you to join the challenge.

  6. Thank you- how nice to hear/read! I have missed the blogging part of my life.

  7. A beautiful start to your 25. We might get a little taste of snow today or tonight, also, but I'm betting not as much as you :-) As warm as it's been it probably won't stick around long even if we get any.

  8. Enjoying seeing you back, I have missed seeing your posts! This is a lovely flake...very pretty :-)


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