Sunday, January 6, 2013

nuntium centesimum septimum (107th post) Wanda Salmans' snowflake

Here's a pretty snowflake I was able to do over break.  It's from Wanda Salmans' Christmas snowflake 2010, done in Lizbeth Blue Ice, size 20.
motif #23

I placed my order for thread from Tatting Corner, thanks for the advice on colors.  Of course today I saw another color that I would love, Sea Citrus. Haha!  Next time, I guess.

Latin for today:  hodie est dies ultimus otiosus. = Today is the last day of break.


  1. I love blue snowflakes, and this is a very pretty pattern!

    It's been a lovely break, but I'm eager to see the students tomorrow. I sure do miss them!

  2. Nice job! It looks great in that color.
    Thread orders are always hard for me - which ones do I get, which ones have to wait until another day? Decisions, decisions.

  3. Very, very nice. I like the graduated picots on the long chains. Karen in OR

  4. I agree! This is very pretty indeed.

  5. That's very pretty Michelle! Lucky you winning a gift certificate - always hard to choose though, SOOoo many pretty Lizbeth colours. I don't dare count how many I already have but would still like Cranberry Bush and Sea Island Citrus has been on my wish list for a while.

  6. Lovely snowflake and pattern, I have just brought this thread but not used it yet, it looks gorgeous as a snowflake.

  7. very pretty snowflake - another to add to the list!

  8. very nice snowflake ! perfect tatted !


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