Friday, September 21, 2012

nuntium octogesimum septimum (87th post) directions

Honest to goodness, I bet I couldn't count how many times I have been frustrated with students who don't read directions.

Ahem. I got Frivole's lovely,  little Papillon and was so excited to tat it, I didn't bother with those silly instructions.
After tatting it once and still having a lot of thread left, I tried it again. But what are the words on the bottom? See page 2? Page 2? Duh. Now look!

motif #12
Isn't this one wonderful? Well, I like it!
I wish I could remember the thread but I can't.  It's some delicate something from Lace Lovin' Diane. In one of her generous offers to share her wealth with everyone.

Here they both are. Eep.
I like the RIGHT one.

Next time I think, "Kids these days!", I will take a deep breath and do my best to remember my own experience with something exciting and new and be more PATIENT!


  1. Hee hee! And from a teacher :)
    Love the one on the right as well - beautiful thread!

  2. This is such a unique butterfly pattern, with the twisted body. I understand it is done in one round! Frivole does such a wonderful job with her designs! Your first version looks fine, so now you have two pretty flutters!

  3. I thought teachers always did what they taught.......... They are beautiful and it's is one of her loveliest patterns, I have the pattern but as yet have not tatted it, your butterflies are beautiful and the thread is gorgeous.

  4. Hallo Michelle!
    Das sind wirklich tolle Schmetterlinge! Du hast sie mit einem sehr schönen Garn geknüpft.
    Liebe Grüße Cornelia

  5. My mom always said, "Do as I say, not as I do." I guess she had her reasons! I love the butterflies, even the one on the left... only God is perfect, you know.

    I wish I could identify the thread for you, but I'm afraid I'd have to do some re-organizing around her to figure it out, and I'm feeling a bit lazy today. :-)

  6. Love your butterflies.
    By the way have purchased the ring findings from Jo Anns whilst in the USA, now have got to find time to use them!

  7. Such a fun little pattern...definitely one I will tat Many times...I read directions and carefully, as I really really hate redoing anything, but there was a lot of info to digest with this pattern...kept seeing new little helpful bits each time I glanced at them.


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