Tuesday, December 27, 2011

nuntium quinquagesimum quartum (54th post) Christmas bonanza

Despite evidence to the contrary, I have NOT fallen off the face of the earth.  For some reason though, December was a very heavy "grading" month and for the first time since I fell down the stairs last year (don't ask- stupid, stupid but yes, all 13 steps), I've been able to ride my bike.  Not outside (!!) which is my preference. Not in the winter, of course, but instead in the basement amidst boxes, spare mattresses and the freezer.  The laptop allows me to watch hulu so I can endure the 40 minutes of pedaling without going anywhere.

But let's get to the tatting!

I've made all sorts of things and some of them are multiples of the same.  I took some tatting to school and made a little display to sell them to my colleagues.  I sold a 8 pairs of snowflake earrings but only a few flake ornaments.  Weird!  I priced the ornaments so low, I thought I'd get rid of them but not so.

I made this little angel from Anne Bruvold.
motif #2

I saw it on Tatting Fool's blog and I think somewhere else earlier (maybe Ambitatterous?) and I liked the split ring idea for it instead of SSSR.  I don't mind them but I like the "sturdiness" of the split ring.  But I wanted her skirt to be skinnier so I tried this.

motif #3

What do you think?

Then I saw these gorgeous 3d ornament balls on Jolimama's blog.  Look at hers because mine result here isn't quite the same...
flat and tiny!

Balloon to blow up and give it shape-  thank goodness I have no shortage of hot air!

Looks round here....

motif #4 - the traditional Christmas marshmallow

And Jolimama was SO patient and helpful.  She sent me advice and the patterns (of which I chose the Jane Eborall's) and "how to", even though she speaks Hungarian and I certainly don't .  Ha-ha!  My sister says it looks like a marshmallow.  I said, "Yep, it's the traditional Christmas marshmallow!"

Then Teresa made the loveliest little shuttle socks and I won, I won!

I can't help singing Feliz Navidad every time I see this little sweetheart.

I also decided to try the inTatters Christmas exchange.  Now that was really hard because I'd never done it before and didn't really know what to send.  But it was  fun and it was extra fun to get something too!  My partner was Marie N in Australia (now, those were fun stamps) and she sent the nicest things!  Lookie...
Marie designed the motif and decorated the doll/pin cushion.

Like I'd stick a pin in this lovely gal!

I also wanted to try another wreath with beads. But I don't like it very well, too lumpy.  I made it last year as instructed and it was great-- but this is not so nice.  The pattern is from LaRae Mikulecky. I can't find it again to make a link, here is her website.  There are lovely things there, don't base your opinion on this!
motif #5

And for Christmas my family took my broad hints and got me this too. A La Cossette shuttle!  Thanks, Mom and Dad!!!! (They don't read this but just in case...)

I just giggle when I use it!  Isn't he just cute?

Even though we had a brown Christmas, I've been commissioned by my sister to make flakes so here they are.  Same motifs as before, Elizabeth Zipay's and Decoromana's.  EXCEPT I was a smartie pants. Thought I didn't need to look at the pattern and ended up with these!  They're just okay, not like the lovely ones that Decoromana designed!  Don't worry, Sis, I'll make the right ones for you.
Inadvertent motif #6 on left(not as nice as Decoromana's AND Elizabeth Zipay's on the right)

And lastly, Margaret sent me back a metal Boye shuttle which I gave her and included this gorgeous cross- Thank you, Margaret!  I was just chuckling the other day about how everyone I know has a tatted bookmark but me!!

Now I do too.  Yay!

Latin for today:  (in honor of Kathy N and my darling husband):  dies longiores nunc sunt!  = The days are longer now!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

nuntium quinquagesimum tertium (53rd post) wreath

Happy Bluebird, my daughter and I got together today for a fun afternoon of tatting.  Cindy wanted to try beading  so I brought along my bead spinner and she brought some beautiful green Cebelia and off we went.  Somewhere on Teresa and Dena's blog, we saw Mary Konior's Posey done with beads and liked it.  Teresa did it here.  She did hers with three beads which looks even nicer.  Now that I've made it, I LOVE it.  A one-shuttle little dream and the simple beauty of MK's design made something that stopped my husband in his tracks.  Take a look!
motif #1

I might have to make another one.  I've decided to join the 25 motif challenge again!

Heather of Heather's Tatted Treasures is having a fantastic giveaway, details here.  13 balls of Lizbeth thread!  If you don't already follow this blog, I encourage you to do so.  She has the clearest, most helpful videos for learning tatting, plus she's a great writer.  I've been tatting for 30+ years but still enjoy it.