Saturday, December 3, 2011

nuntium quinquagesimum tertium (53rd post) wreath

Happy Bluebird, my daughter and I got together today for a fun afternoon of tatting.  Cindy wanted to try beading  so I brought along my bead spinner and she brought some beautiful green Cebelia and off we went.  Somewhere on Teresa and Dena's blog, we saw Mary Konior's Posey done with beads and liked it.  Teresa did it here.  She did hers with three beads which looks even nicer.  Now that I've made it, I LOVE it.  A one-shuttle little dream and the simple beauty of MK's design made something that stopped my husband in his tracks.  Take a look!
motif #1

I might have to make another one.  I've decided to join the 25 motif challenge again!

Heather of Heather's Tatted Treasures is having a fantastic giveaway, details here.  13 balls of Lizbeth thread!  If you don't already follow this blog, I encourage you to do so.  She has the clearest, most helpful videos for learning tatting, plus she's a great writer.  I've been tatting for 30+ years but still enjoy it.


  1. Oooooh, that is many pretty things to tat this list is just getting longer! I think this just jumped to the top though...which book is it in?

  2. That would have been my blog last year . . . doesn't that make a lovely wreath? I think I might need to make another one this year just because that's a fun pattern to tat!

  3. I found Posey in Tatting with Visual Patterns.

  4. Hallo Michelle,
    dieses Occhi-Motiv sieht sehr schön aus.
    Liebe Grüße von Cornelia

  5. Does the bead spinner but the beads on the thread for you?

    Love the Posy.....just added this to my need to tat list. If baby waits long enough to come maybe I can make one soon :)

  6. Yeah- amazingly. Here's Darice's official video, but it really does work that simply. Best $12.50 I've spent in a while. (1/2 price at Joann's)

  7. Forgot the link- duh.

  8. Ooh, I really like this motif and it is very well executed! What most appeals to me is how each of the leaf sets folds into the next one, creating an elegant flow around the whole circle.

    And thanks for the props. I'm glad you enjoy my blog.

  9. That wreath is very pretty with the beading.

  10. I really like your wreath! It reminds me of holly and berries! :)

  11. help me Michelle,
    je ne sais pas ou mettre les perles on fait comment , thank you

  12. E' veramente bello questo lavoro.
    Un abbraccio

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    à bientôt
    bye bye!

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    ok you can tel me at 17 h french?

  15. Happy Christmas

    à bientôt sur skype pour la bonne année


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