Sunday, January 8, 2012

nuntium quinquagesimum sextum (56th post) school spirit

School tomorrow.  I sure love the freedom of break.  Getting up when I want, eating lunch out (and for longer than 23 minutes) and getting to go to the bathroom whenever I want.  Ha-ha!  But I'm excited to see the kids and hear their stories and be around all that energy.  I decided to make my younger daughter a "spirit" bracelet.  Want to guess the school colors?
motif #10

I had seen another bracelet with this pattern but it really is Jane from South Africa's pattern which I'd seen on Jane Eborall's blog.  Well, actually Cindy recognized it and helped me find the pattern on Jane's site when we got together yesterday, it's so wonderful having a tatting buddy!

I also made another snowflake.  I saw this on a blog and really liked it.  It's from Orsi's Spulni-blog. (Thanks, Frivole and Fox!) The shape is really appealing to me.
 unattributed motif #11

Yesterday was the day to take down all the Christmas things which is a BIG task in our house because we're Christmas nuts around here.  Always a little sad to see how bare the place is after- in fact we leave Bedford Falls up until Presidents' Day just because none of us can bear to have everything down at once.  I think we have 12 crates of Christmas things in the basement now.  But before I put them away, I thought to take a picture of a few things I've tatted BK (before kids).  I don't have any idea what patterns these come from but rest assured they are NOT my creation.
We use this one at the base of a big candle (in a holder)

top view
This one is about 12 inches from side to side

a close-up
And so that's all, now the craziness will commence with the big event on Saturday.  I will be reading blogs but probably not writing but hopefully tatting!

Latin for today:  nunc laborandum mihi est!  = Now I have to work!


  1. Ma che lavori meravigliosi!!!

  2. I could have done with another week to get the house back in order, but I did enjoy last week at school!

    I especially love the snowflake! Will it ever snow this winter?

  3. Hi Michelle,

    The snowflake is Orsi's design from Spulni-blog. Very pretty, I like it a lot. You may have also seen the snowflake on my blog where I made it with silver beads in my bunch of pre-Christmas flakes?

  4. Frivole beat me to it! Yes, it is Orsi's pattern, which I also tatted before Christmas. It is very pretty!
    Fox : )

  5. Love the BK tatting - so gorgeous and way out of my league, at least until AK!

  6. All that I see here are beautiful , each in its own way... the delicate wrist of your daughter- fashioning the new bracelet- says a lot : happiness, cool-ness ( ;) ), pride...
    I love , too, Orsi's snowflakes, they have something special ...purity in simplicity. ( I really hope that's correct written :D )

  7. Great bracelet! Cute snowflake! Fabulous ruffled candle wreath! And great Christmas mat!! :)

  8. Maravillosos los trabajos y el adorno para la vela me parece espectacular.Besos.

  9. The bracelet turned out great! And everything else is beautiful also - that BK tatting is awesome. I don't know if I could ever finish those larger pieces - I can't even get small ones done properly :)


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