Thursday, January 5, 2012

nuntium quinquagesimum quintum (55th post) picot gauge

 My sister commissioned me to make snowflakes for her little tree.  She almost never asks me for anything so I was happy to do it.  These are Decoromana's and Elizabeth Zipay's patterns.  (I followed the patterns this time.)

Then I tried something new, something I've been wanting to do since Frivole designed and shared her Stellar snowflake.   I really like it and have jumped on the Lizbeth Blue Ice bandwagon.  I'm pleased with it.

motif #7  Frivole's Stellar

 On a roll, I thought I'd try Frivole's CrissCross Snowflake.  Hmm.  These are not the results I was thinking of.  I hadn't really seriously tried a picot gauge before so I dutifully made a 2cm one because the directions call for it.  Since Frivole's directions are so good, I thought I'd better do it.  But I think I misunderstood how picot gauges work OR I tat very tightly?  Should a 2cm picot gauge be 1cm in width so the entire picot would be 2cm?  It seems like what I have is almost double what I should.  And to top it off, there's a ring where the thread split and I couldn't close it.  And I made another mistake somewhere else.  Truly I don't get flustered too often.  Try again or move on?  Dare I even try Regal?  It's gorgeous but I don't want to mangle it too.

motif #8 almost Frivole's CrissCross Snowflake
And I saw this little cutie on Julie's blog.  It's designed by Sally MacGill and you can find the pattern here.  This is the same Blue Ice as above- but what a difference sunlight makes.  (Both were taken in natural sunlight but one day was cloudy and the other we actually had sun.)

motif #9 - just a little sweetie (not blocked or pressed though)
Now that's all you'll hear from me for a while.  I'm hosting a BIG Latin event at my school for kids all around, we'll have some that will come from Fargo, ND and others from Rochester, MN and more the Twin Cities area.  It's an all day event and I've been doing it for ten years.  There are 186 kids coming and it's sort of like organizing a wedding every year, I write the tests, oral competition questions, wrangle everyone into 2 tests, a mini-session (hands-on creative Roman event), get them pizza and pop and also spend an hour of the day doing Ludi Olympici or silly Olympics.  If you want a laugh, you can go to the Ludi website and watch some of the videos.

Latin for today:  serius obdormivi sed non hac nocte = I went to bed late last night but not tonight!


  1. Good luck with your event! Love seeing your tatting :-)...such fun to see all the things you've been tatting...that blue ice thread is lovely, I'm starting to think I really "need" to order some!

  2. I love all your snowflakes! With as warm and dry as it's been here, I'm beginning to think tatted snowflakes are the only kind I'll see this year!

    I hope you have a wonderful time with your Latin event! I have wonderful memories of attending our Latin Club banquet in high school, complete with togas!

  3. Wow - you've gotten a lot of tatting in! I love all your snowflakes - I've been wanting to try that criss-cross pattern too, but I think I'll wait to find out about those picots.

    Have fun with your big Latin event - you have so much energy! See you soon.

  4. Wonderful snowflakes! You have inspired me to try the Stellar pattern, which I have not attempted yet.

    Bonus fortuna Latinis fun at lacus. Qua operor vos adepto vis?
    Fox : )

  5. beautiful snowflakes!
    j'ai fais un essai de flocon mais bof bof!
    il n'est pas beau! voir blog

  6. Sorry you had a hard time with the criss-cross snowflake, I'll write to you about it - though I still think it looks kind of interesting with the floppy picots! Your stellar looks great. And I never got around to making these little snowflakes this year.... Maybe next?

  7. Hi Michelle,
    What a lovely blog - I'm quite new to this! Thanks for your comment - will definitely share my recipe when I get back from Malta! :)


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