Friday, June 3, 2011

nuntium septimum decimum (17th post) instant shuttles

Maybe you will remember two weeks ago when I had the opportunity to teach some students how to tat.  However I found out that my local Michael's and others in the area no longer carry tatting shuttles, despite carrying tatting thread.  Go figure.

Well, Jeanne (Ladytats) sent me a pattern which she thought was from Cynthia-tatsaway for a homemade shuttle.  Then Cynthia told me it wasn't her pattern and directed me to Georgia Seitz who assured me this is now public domain.  If anyone knows differently, please let me know.  You can use "shrinky dinks" (do you remember them- so fun!!) and make a great little shuttle.   Nowadays, you can get shrinky-dink paper that you can run through an ink-jet printer so I gussied it up a bit, cut them out and baked up them.

The first batch went well.

Then I tried another set and they went bonko!  They curled up and looked like dead bugs.  (My mom baked the last shrinky dinks I ever did about 100 years ago.) I was so gloomy but figured I had a few so felt mild success.

Then I thought maybe I can throw them in the oven again and see what happens- they couldn't get worse and most amazingly it worked!!

What do they say?

So, if you would like one of these, I'll share.  How about the first 8 comments?  And here's the pattern if you'd rather print your own.

Most have printing on both sides but a few do not (printer issues).  Pick your color and let me know. (pink, green, blue, yellow)

Latin for today:  dies Veneris est!  = It's Friday!


  1. Hi Michelle,
    very pretty, and they will be fun to teach with. you know me, purple, or green, LOL glad the pattern worked for you. gratias

  2. These are fantastic! Never heard of Shrinky Dinks, but this is absolutely great! your students will LOVE them.
    Fox : )

  3. I LOVE shrinky dinks - these look awesome! Now that's some creativity - what a great idea.

    (I bet I know a girl that was interested in this little craft project - maybe two?)

  4. I've heard of shrinky dinks, but have never tried them. The shuttles are very cool! I love the blue!

  5. Oh, what complete and total fun! I will use the pattern, but would love to have one of yours as well. Red is my favorite!! deborahfillmer at gmail dot com for my address...


  6. another comment, doesn't count for the shrinky shuttle.

    I came back to check something, and the animal on the side was a cow. with the Latin name above... bos and it just hit me, all the years we milked cows, moved them here and there from pasture and barn, we said "come boss, come boss" or to let them know we were beside them and keep them calm "so boss, so boss" I never figured it out. and I took Latin in high school, Smack up side the forehead... Sheesh!

  7. Yes! Isn't that fantastic? And pigs can be called porci (sounds like Porky...) or, hang on to your hat, sui, pronounced soo-ee!
    I always tease my students and tell them that *all* farmers with this animals know Latin and that's why they call with those names.

  8. These are great!!!! I might need to try some shrinky dinks again. My daughter would love watching them in the oven :) I love blue and green.

  9. They are bound to be all gone this late in the day, but I'll take a chance. Pink! (To be honest, I'll happily take whatever is left over. They all look great.) While I've heard of shrinky dinks, I've never seen any--not even the supplies. I do realize, though, that I might not have noticed them. I shall have to make the effort to look for them.

  10. these shuttles look really cool! but i'd never heard of shrinky dinks. what's that?

  11. forgot to mention i won't mind getting a sample at all ;p

  12. These shuttles are fantastic! I like them.

  13. Carla,
    Will you send me your address at magistravitt at gmail dot com so I can send you one?

  14. How clever Michelle! Your shuttles look great. They remind me of miniature colourful surfboards.

  15. They do, they do! Would you like one?

  16. Hi MIchelle!

    I've just discovered your amazing blog through Anika's, and I'm most impressed with everything here!

    At least your blog is relatively 'new' so I can be forgiven for not noticing it before, but others from the 25-Motif are definitely aware. By the way, have you thought of joining the 25-Motif Challenge? You could share all your past tatting (wonderful work) as well as new items. How nice that you learned from your great aunt! So many of us struggled to find someone (in my case it was a 30-year search!)

    Of course, I also must mention Latin! It was mandatory back in 'my day" at public school - Academnic course (I graduated 50 years ago (gulp) in 1961!). Then it seemed to disappear in schools, but to my surprise and delight it returned to my nieces' public school in the l990s.

    It wasn't that I 'loved' learning Latin, but it DID surround my life back then because of the Church. I sometimes practice writing the "Pater Noster" prayer in callligraphy to see if I spell everything correctly. And I very much lament the disappearance of the Latin Mass (after I married in 1964). It was very powerful and I took it for granted in my youth. And why not? It lasted for centuries!

    And, amazingly to me, my career involved knowing Latin terms as a legal secretary! I'm enjoying your Latin lessons, although I admit I checked the internet to figure out the year you learned to tat, which is exactly 10 years before I did!

    I look forward to seeing more of your work!

  17. Hi Kathy,
    Thank you for your wonderful words, what a treat for me!

    You're right, Latin is on the rise- isn't that crazy? Nihil novi sub sole as they say. I would love to go to Latin Mass, we have a new priest who is somewhat more conservative than what we've had in the past so he keeps sneaking bits in here and there. My daughter just finished her second year of Latin and my younger one is very interested so whenever it happens, we share a secret smile.

    I've thought a little about the 25 motif challenge, it would be really fun but I wonder if it's not the time since I'm slated to do 154 of the same motif to do my runner!

    But thank you again- would you like a shuttle?

  18. Great idea with the shrinky dinks shuttles! I made some out of plain cardboard once because I needed some in a hurry, but yours looks so much cuter. In a pinch I've even uses the little plastic thingy sometimes used to hold bread closed instead of a twist tie - it's not the best by any means, but it works in a pinch.
    If you have any of those cute shuttles left I wouldn't mind one.
    BTW - I have several patterns I'll be working on soon and I may need another test tatter when the time comes ;-)

  19. Tattrldy- I do have a few more because I made extra. I'd be happy to send you one! I don't have any blue left- other choice?

  20. Any color! They all look great.

  21. Ich habe gerade den Blog entdeckt.
    welche wundervolle und kreative Idee.Die Schiffchen lassen sich bestimmt sehr gut
    Die sehen alle sehr schön aus.

  22. Today I had post of Michelle.
    In the letter two were theirs tatting shuttles.
    Thank you Michelle. I try out them anyway.
    I like them very much.

  23. What a great idea to initiate somebody to tatting. Must be much better than the little plastic square that closes the bread bags and that I used over last weekend... Well, it was just to give a go at tatting, and as I find out that I really like that, I will buy "real" shuttles as soon as I can find one.
    Your shuttles are very cute with the colorful prints and slogan. :) I don't know where to find this plastic paper to make them though. I will have a look, and hopefully will find either this plastic paper, or real shuttles like the Aero or Clover ones.
    Happy tatting!

    1. Hi Claire,

      You should be able to get it at JoAnn's online but maybe in the store too. It's pretty expensive but you can get several shuttles out of one sheet.


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