Thursday, February 28, 2013

nuntium centesimum decimum quintum (115th post) happy and sad

I love getting mail, always have.  One of the more dreary things as an adult is getting all that other stuff in the mail. On the other hands there are wonderful things like this which balance the whole works!
I'm the lucky keeper of Angeline's book for the next few weeks.  Krystle sent along some of her gorgeous HDT and the loveliest motif was included too.

Then the sad-- well, it's not too sad really.  About two weeks ago, we took all of the 7th graders to northern Minnesota for a 3-day friendship retreat.  It's a lot of work but so rewarding and fun too.  This year's kids are really outstanding and made the whole thing even better than usual.  But on Valentine's day I was walking to the dining hall for our evening program and fell on the ice.  Fell hard and so fast.  Truly I did not know what was happening until I was down.  My hand hurt a lot.  And kept hurting until Tuesday morning when it hurt so bad I was almost in tears.  Off to my doc who x-rayed it- yay!  Nothing broken.  But to help with healing (maybe a damaged tendon), I get to wear this.
For 10 days,  really nothing to whine about but there won't be tatting unless it's all chains.  The thread catches on the velcro on the thumb for rings.
Maybe I'll get entirely caught up for school- bwahahahahaa!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

nuntium centesimum decimum quartum (114th post) Happy Heart earrings

Here are my Valentine's Day earrings.  The pattern is Frivole's Happy Heart and those are Catherine Wheel Joins with size 70 thread!  I am so proud of myself.
Majestic white, size 70
I put some beads in the center and at the bottom just for sparkle which you can't see in this picture- sigh.

Here they are with a dime for size reference.

When did I finish them?  February 16th.  haha.  Next year, I guess.

Latin for today:  ad annum proximam = until next year.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

nuntium centesimum tredecimum (113th post)

Peacock heart - from Birgit's tatting
 This is not a new motif to me, I tried it last year but with a different variegated thread so it didn't work too well.  With Grape Splash whose changes are less dramatic, I like it!
I'm pleased with this!

Vicki Clarke's ruffled heart motif #3
 I won't make this one again!  Nothing wrong with the pattern but I found the ruffles frustrating and twisty and too much torment for me to enjoy tatting. (Sorry Vicki- it really is a nice one!)

Betsy Evan's heart
I liked this one.  Almost done with hearts now.

Latin for today:  cor meum tene = Take my heart.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

nuntium centesimum duodecimum (112th post) A Happy Heart

I have no more fear.  Catherine Wheel joins, you have been conquered!!  I tried them last year when Frivole shared her lovely little Happy Heart with us but for the life of me, I just couldn't get them.  I found a video from Marilee Rockley which was infinitely helpful.  I think I might have watched it last year but it worked this time.  Yes, I watched it about 15 times but that's the beauty of the internet.  As a teacher, I find the possibilities shocking and exciting and as a student- wonderful!!!

motif #2 size 20 HDT from Marilee Rocklee Crimson Something
Why make one when there can be two?  Lizbeth Grape Splash size 20- my new favorite
I knew they were coming in the TIAS so I worked and worked.  By the time we got to them in the TIAS, I confidently and happily did them.  Now the split chain, well, I did it but I don't think I'd say conquered, no Julius Caesar there.

Latin for today:  veni, vidi, vici = I came, I saw, I conquered (you knew that one was coming, didn't you?)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

nuntium centesimum undecimum (111th post) comfort tat

Interesting.  Diane the LLL asked what our "comfort tat" was a while ago.  I thought mine was Victats "simple heart" but I just found out it's not!  Two weeks ago on Wednesday we found out that our niece was to be confirmed on the following Sunday (that wacky Catholic church announcing things at the last minute- no, just the parents).
My husband went to the wonderful St. Patrick's Guild for a special card and gift but somehow it didn't seem complete without a cross bookmark so I whipped up this little guy.  I think it's Mary Konior- I don't even know anymore but was just so wonderful to tat and almost comforting.  So there you go.  My comfort tat.

not #2 because I've made a zillion
Thread - Oliver Twists which Diane turned me on to.  I have no idea what the size is but I imagine it's either size 70 or marginally smaller.

Have I turned into the wacky aunt who makes you useless stuff that you have to smile and accept?  Oh well!

Latin for today:  matertera - maternal aunt OR amita = paternal aunt.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

nuntium centesimum decimum (110th post) poinsettia

I'd like to do the 25 motif challenge again.  To begin here's something I've been working on for two months on and off.  I love poinsettias and thought I'd give a tatted one a go.  I used a modified version of Frivole's leaf (la feuille Frivole) and made 14 reds and 6 greens.  Then I put them together with some wonderful yellow beads.  My original intention was to tat the yellow but it just wouldn't work so beads seemed like the best idea.

motif #1 on my coat
on the counter with a formica background
What do you think?  I'm pleased with it.

Latin for today:  canis meus id non consumpsit = My dog didn't eat it.

nuntium centesimum nonum (109th post) TIAS

I really did do the TIAS as it was happening but these days, it's either tatting, teaching, correcting, prepping, reading blogs or blogging.  Blogging seems to just slip off the plate. 

So here are the pictures of the little pram as they occurred - except the ones that have disappeared?  I suspect I'll find those in June.

And a huge thank you to Jane who made some crazy days in January a little brighter and warmer.

day 2

day 3
day 4


day 6
day 10
day 11 (motif #25)Lizbeth size 20, Scottish Thistle and Dk Purple (Dk Green was a disaster)
One of the off-shoots of this is that I might be running a mini-TIAS in the future!  My students were so excited to see this happen and guess what it was.  Jane might have said that she would help me do one for my students privately but then she was in the middle of a zillion emails so might have just been giddy.  Maybe there are others who would like to try a junior TIAS because they have just started tatting.  So, keep an eye here, pros will be allowed to participate too- haha!

And three of those students have mastered split-rings!  I'm so proud of them.  Here are some pictures of young hands doing something it took me 30 years to learn!

Aren't they brave?

Latin for today:  eos admiror = I admire them!