Monday, October 31, 2011

nuntium duodequinquagesimum (48th post) celtic silliness and more

Happy Halloween!
We had fun carving pumpkins and my younger daughter loves to decorate!
The front of the house
The girls carved the bottom two pumpkins.

I really did make pumpkin earrings and my students loved them.

Once I got started, I couldn't stop with the pumpkins, some are better than others but the trick is getting the right length, I think.  150 ds is the recommendation but I think mine are about 300.  I was going to make a bracelet.

but then I saw these on Decoromana's blog. These are Elizabeth Zipay's snowflakes.   You can get the pattern here.  I had another conference on Saturday. : )

They're simple and fun.  Here they are in Lizbeth size 20.

And then I tried it with some vintage Aunt Rose-E thread, size 80 or 70- the label is gone.  I'm afraid the thread has actually yellowed but if it's not next to white, it's okay.  And I added some beads, I don't do much with beads but this was fun.

motif #22
Latin for today:  non iam hic ninxit = It hasn't snowed yet here.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

nuntium septimum et quadragesimum (47th post) clever girl!

You might think I'm talking about myself but nope!  The clever one is Happy Bluebird.

We met yesterday for Twin Cities Tatters and that was so fun.  We always have a great time and encourage each other to try new things.  This time we thought we'd give celtic tatting a whirl and look at this pumpkin by Ruth Perry, doesn't it look cute?

But it doesn't.  See?

And then it still doesn't.  See?

So Bluebird went home and figured it out and sent me the most glorious, wonderful, easy to understand directions.  You can see them on her blog here.

And now.... drum roll please!

motif #21
I made them into earrings and shall wear them all week!  It's so nice to have a tatting friend- you couldn't ask for a better one than Cindy.

Latin for today:  amica mea est optima!  = My friend is the best!

Friday, October 21, 2011

nuntium sextum et quadragesimum (46th post) 3 of hearts

Here are three little heart bookmarks from this pattern called Simple Heart by Vicki Clarke. 
motif #20
 This pattern is a dream to work up and I whipped one out while waiting for my daughter yesterday.  It's not often that I have to wait for her so it was a surprise treat.
 I put a split ring tail on each although I had to use SSSR on the pink/yellow one because I ran out of thread on one shuttle.  The thread is a lovely size 20 from Anika.  No names for the colors but I especially love the blue/black.

I'm so excited for tomorrow,  Happy Bluebird and I are meeting up for a bit of tatting time.  I'm extra lucky because my daughter will join us too.  We're thinking about trying some celtic tatting and there may be a pumpkin in the future!

Latin for today (for Gina):  consilia bona in anima habebam = I had good intentions.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

nuntium quintum et quadragesimum (45th post) Cornelia's bell

the real motif #19
Well, if you read the pattern correctly from the start, then it goes pretty well.

Cornelia was kind enough to point out that initially there are 6 rings not 8!  I wish I could blame this on the pattern being in German but since the numbers were all numbers not words, I don't think I can get away with it.  I still goofed it up but you can see how it's really supposed to look here.  Gorgeous, don't you think?

What ever happened the lovely Quatrain, Frivole's pattern?  I don't know.  It's still stunning, I still like it but when I can squeeze out a minute to tat, I never pick it up.  I think it's because there's so little time during the school year for me and I'm desperate to see something complete, I like doing little things.  I've got my eye on a celtic pumpkin but don't have any orange thread.  By the time I get to ordering it, it will be November!  : )  Maybe next year...

Latin for today:  arbores nunc tam pulchrae sunt - The trees are so lovely now.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

nuntium quartum et quadragesimum (44th post) Phew.

the real motif #19
Well, if you read the pattern correctly from the start, then it goes pretty well.

Cornelia was kind enough to point out that initially there are 6 rings not 8!  I wish I could blame this on the pattern being in German but since the numbers were all numbers not words, I don't think I can get away with it.  And I still goofed it up at the end but it's passable.  Here's what it's really supposed to look like.  Gorgeous.

So, what's going on with the Quatrain, Frivole's lovely pattern?  Nothing.  Nothing at all.  It just doesn't seem to be high on my list for the limited time I have for tatting.  I'm not sure why - I suspect it has to do with the nature of teaching.  It takes so long to get results (sometimes years!) that I really crave completion and closure.  And I've got a ways to go with the Quatrain.  Not that I won't do it but just now, it's on hiatus.

Latin for today:  quam pulchri sunt arbores nunc!  = How lovely the trees are now.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

nuntium tertium et quadragesimum (43rd post) 4 in a day!

Thursday two of my colleagues and I raced around like crazy people to get to the airport after school so we could all go to a conference in Chicago.
We stayed downtown at a quirky but spotless hotel and had a lovely dinner.  We have a lot of fun together anyway but the chance to be away was extra nice.


I got to TAT.  I tatted in my room before going to bed- watched Masterpiece Theater on the computer and tatted.  I tatted in the morning before the conference and I tatted during the whole conference, I tatted on the plane home yesterday.  It's been such a dearth of tatting, this was truly a treat.   (Lest you think I didn't enjoy the conference, I really did and came home brimming with ideas for school too- I just pay attention better if I have something to occupy my hands.)

Since I didn't check a bag, I didn't bring a scissors - boy, was that weird!  I always have a scissors in my tatting stuff so  I had to finish up everything last night.  I did have the pendant clover thing for some cutting but I didn't want to risk having to throw good scissors away.

I tried a new motif (#18)- another cross from  Elizabeth Zipay.  It's lovely and simple.  And while I like doing newer techniques- and feel like I can do them well- there's something also very appealing about just chains and rings.
motif #18

It's all size 20, all Lizbeth except for the little one which is done is one of Anika's lovely HDT and one of Elizabeth's free patterns.

Latin for today:  potesne mihi telephonice scribere?  = Can you text me?